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Price includes Registration papers, Transfer of Ownership, up-to-date farrier, worming and vaccine shots.


If you don't find here the Curly of your dreams, please contact us. We work on partnership with good reputation breeders and we would be glad to help you. Note that all our horses are available for sale to the right home and the right price. We care about finding the best for ever home for each of our "babies".

Delivery: Regardless of the place of residence of the buyer (Canada, U.S.A., Europe, etc.), Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos offers its assistance to organize the transportation and delivery of the horse. Since there are very few Curlies in the world, it is usual procedure to organize their trip across our vast lands. We ship also to Europe and you will be surprised by the shipping prices that we can offer! Let us assist you and help you to benefit from our network of contacts.

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Hoplavie's pictures

Namaspamoos HOPLAVIE de Ankti
Ankti x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR en cours & CSI éligible

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North American Curly / sport ou versatile type
Gender: filly
Color: Buckskin Sabino (DNA Tested: AA, Ee, CR/n, SB1/n)
Date of Birth: May 28th, 2018
Expecting Height: +/-15,3HH

Beautiful, tall, curious, both affectionate and independent, Hoplavie is aptly named: she is brimming with vitality! She also has her moments of tenderness and quietude. As she was the only baby of 2018, she is used to being the center of interest of all and considers all members of the herd - two or four legged - as being her friends, if not her subjects, because little missie sometimes behaves like a princess! Photos available on his album. We can not wait to see her shed, because her coat color changes a lot. Hard to guess that she has a bay base when looking at the pictures of her first few months. But the black appears in her mane, slowly.




Hélios x Luna

Namaspamoos HÉCLYPSE de Luna
Luna x Hélios

ICHO/NACHR pending & CSI eligible

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North American Curly / sport ou versatile type
Gender: colt
Color: buckskin sabino (to be DNA tested)
Date of Birth: March 25, 2019
Expecting Height: probably 15.3+HH (160 cm)
Status: AVAILABLE stallion prospect, rare bloodline

After the beautiful Chumani, Hélys and Hamaluna, we were very pleased to welcome Luna's and Hélios' only male offspring!

Héclypse is name after his parents, the encounter of the God of Sun (Hélios) and the divine Luna, and because these two celestial bodies left their mark on his forehead :)

He is a tall sweetheart, curious, smart and very easy to handle. Pics available on his album.




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Ankti's Pictures

*GMC Andrea's ANKTI
ABCR & CSI eligible

*Tall Trees Misty's Beau ICHO/NACHR#352-D x *UB Raggae Babe ABC 2185

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / versatile horse type

Barn name: ANKTI
Color: buckskin sabino
Date of birth: September 8, 2010
Height: 15,2 HH
Status: AVAILABLE for breeding or for sale

Ankti is born at Green Mountains Curlies, in Vermont. She joined us in July 2013.

Ankti is a very lovable mare, sticky as a piece of scoth-tape, sweet, curious and, sometimes, mischievous! She is an "in your pocket" kind. She possesses a strong mind, she agrees to do things for you, but they need to not be boring! She is very, very smart and easilet gets bored.

We started all the basic ground work with her and she is learning very fast. She is started under saddle, but we did not put a lot of milage on her. In 2018, she produced a very beautiful filly, Hoplavie, sired by Hélios.

Ankti is a very cute, elegant and well balanced mare, with lovely movements and nice conformation. She is a very good mom and herd chieftain.

GMC Andrea's Ankti was called Andi by her breeders; we prefers to call her Ankti. She is named after Andrea Schaap, a long time American Curly advocate and past president of the ICHO. Andrea passed away the year that Ankti was born, in fact before her breeders realized they had this last "oopsie" foal (fence break) on the way. As Andrea had once told their daughter: "When I die I want to come back as one of your horses." they determined to name Ankti after her. Ankti is the Hopi word for "repeat dance", and soshe is Andrea's Repeat Dance.


Kaloo's pictures

ABC 3195 & CSI#C00599-03

*Sockeye x *RR Adelita Rose

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North American Curly

Barn name: KALOO
Sex: mare
Color: bai sabino
Day of birth: 5 juin 2005
Height: 15 HH (150 cm)
Bomb-proof, beginner-proof, fun to ride for advanced rider. Available

Everybody falls in love with Kaloo! With her long eyelashes, she possesses the most langourous eyes... She probably thinks that she is a pet horse, or a puppy! She loves to be with you, she loves to cuddle, to stay as near as she can to you.

Kaloo can do all, more than safe for beginners and kids, and fun for more advanced rider. She does arena work (dressage, jumping), she loves pony-games and horse-ball as well as trail. She is one of our first baby, born in 2003. She was sold as a 3 years old to a teenage girl, daughter of friend’s of us, who did a lot of stuff with her. Now, this girl is a young woman, university (master) student who has no extra time to spend with her horse mate, so she sent her back to us because she knows we will find the best home for her. Kaloo is a daughter of RR Adelita Rose and Sockeye. She is kind of bomb-proof all-around horse. Loves kids and people. Never had foal. Stocky built. She is a little out of shape as she has done nothing since last summer but munching hay with her buddies, but she will be back at work as soon as weather permits.

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