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Mission and goals
The Ranch itself


Our mission: To produce the best Curlies possible! We would like for a child to be able to ride and handle our horses without risk and that these same horses please and thrill the most experienced rider, whether in competition or on the trail.

The original Curly is smaller and more rustic in shape. We are part of a small group of breeders who are dedicated to breeding sport horses type, which are larger and more balanced proportionally, while conserving the marvelous qualities which make the Curly the exceptional breed it is. The Curlies are so endearing that many call them pet horses. Their extraordinary character and natural gentleness are legendary.

We have also begun a small Curly ponies' breeding program as small hypoallergenic Curly ponies are very rare, but very useful when we work with small kids or people with disabilities (like wheelchairs or zimmerframe). We bought Pirate (46 inches at the witer's!) for this purpose.

We have selected the best breeding stock available in North America. We attach just as much importance to conformation and to gaits as to temperament and disposition. Our horses are tender-hearted athletes and all our visitors attest to it!

Hardly more than 4000 full Curly horses are registered in the breed stud books. The Curlies from our ranch are among those.

If you suffer from allergies to horses, tell us at least two days in advance of your next visit so that we can make the best arrangements possible for meeting with you. (We also raise Friesian/Canadian crossbreeds and some ponies which are, sadly, not hypoallergenic.)


Ranch Namaspamoos is located in Lacolle, a lovely little country town which hosts many visitors since it is situated near the one of the largest customs check-points on the US-Canadian border,(Lacolle/Champlain). We are located just 45 minutes from downtown Montreal, 35 minutes from the Champlain Bridge, and less than 2 miles away from the US border. The closest American cities are Plattsburg (NY), and Burlington (VT).

The area is graced by the beautiful Richelieu River, which flows out of Lake Champlain to the St Lawrence.

The Ranch covers 125 acres, nearly half of it forested, and home to a variety of animals such as deer, coyotes, wild turkeys, partridges, raccoons, martens, minks, skunks, squirrels, and rabbits, all roaming freely in this peaceful and protected area. We’ve even seen tracks from a moose and a lynx! We deeply care about our forest. With the help of a forest engineer, we manage it comprehensively, respecting its ecology when designing trails for horseback riding. This means clearing out dead trees and underbrush, and thinning out excess saplings to allow others to reach the light. This in turn supplies the Ranch with winter firewood, and produces the best possible environment for our forest friends.

The other half of the Ranch is used as farmland for growing hay, for pastures, and for buildings. Even though our horses live outside all year long, we still maintain stables, and barns for storing hay.

Click on this link to see aerial pictures of the Ranch.

The house is composed of three buildings erected one next to the other over the years. The main building (now the dining room) dates from 1820 and is the original settler’s house. Built in the manner of a typical hand-hewn old fashion log cabin, it is one of the few homes that were not destroyed when the British burned down the little hamlet of Odeltown after their victory over the Patriots in 1827. In 1870, a second structure was built. It now houses the bedrooms and the bathrooms. During the 1980s, another addition (today’s kitchen) was erected to link the main house to an old feed barn standing near it. Now refurbished, the old barn has become a comfortable living room. A section of the barn has been converted into an office.

Click on this link to see the interior of the house.

The add-on design of the current house is not externally apparent, that's why our visitors are always surprised when they step inside!

Click on this link to see the exterior and the garden.

We host many guests from nearby Québec and from abroad. We are always delighted to welcome you and share our passion with you, however we recommend you make a reservation for your visit. We believe our horses are so endearing that visiting with them may take several hours, hours that takes us away from our daily chores at the Ranch. So, before you come, please contact us by phone or email so we can be sure to give you the time you need. (You’ll see, our curlies are so captivating, you’ll find it hard to leave them!).

For directions, click on “How To Find Us” link located on the left of the page . If you need additional information, click on the “E-mail us” and we’ll be glad to answer you.

Hoping to hear from you, and to have you visit us soon!

Isabelle and André


Ranch Namaspamoos -

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Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos
249, Route 221 Sud, Lacolle, Qc J0J 1J0. Canada. Tel: +1 450-246-4641

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