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*Hawk Midnight Shadow ABC 2300 x *Prairie MissDmeanor ABC 2559

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North American Curly / versatile horse type

Barn name: LUNA
Color: perlino (homozygous for cream gene, DNA tested: Aa, Ee, CR/CR, nd1/nd2, W20/n).
Date of birth: May 21, 2006.
Height: 15,2 HH.
Status: CTR; school/therapy horse; broodmare, very strong bond with Isabelle (your truly ;) ).

Luna comes from Prairie Ponderosa Curly owned by Rick and Sheila Farstad in Saskatchewan. As soon as I saw the pictures that Sheila sent of her new creamy filly, I knew that we would have to have her one day. This filly was looking too much like Nanza's dam that André likes so much. And I was attracted by this filly also, I must admit! But we were not in the process to buy a new mare as we already had all we needed, even a little bit more… But it happened that we sold more mares that we had planned to, so that opened the door for a "new mare prospect" hunt… and I was so glad when Sheila told me that Luna was still for sale and that she agreed to sell her to me!

Luna has been with us since April 2007 and we could not ask for more than what we got with this filly. She is as sweet as her cream color, very easy to work with, a (giant) lap puppy who loves to be petted!

Luna possesses all the best Curly characteristics. Plus, she is homozygous for the cream gene and she has spectacular blue eyes! In fact, she looks a lot like a unicorn... and she possesses the magic that belongs to unicorn's: you feel loved and blessed when she is by your side!!

Luna had her first baby in April 2011, a lovely palomino filly named CHUMANI («dew drop») by our senior stud Chimo. She then produced two others fillies: Hélys and Hamaluna. She is in foal for a March 2019 baby.




Ankti's Pictures

*GMC Andrea's ANKTI
ABCR & CSI eligible

*Tall Trees Misty's Beau ICHO/NACHR#352-D x *UB Raggae Babe ABC 2185

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / versatile horse type

Barn name: ANKTI
Color: buckskin sabino
Date of birth: September 8, 2010
Height: 15,2 HH
AVAILABLE for breeding or for sale

Ankti is born at Green Mountains Curlies, in Vermont. She joined us in July 2013.

Ankti is a very lovable mare, sticky as a piece of scoth-tape, sweet, curious and, sometimes, mischievous! She is an "in your pocket" kind. She possesses a strong mind, she agrees to do things for you, but they need to not be boring! She is very, very smart and easilet gets bored.

We started all the basic ground work with her and she is learning very fast. She is started under saddle, but we did not put a lot of milage on her. In 2018, she produced a very beautiful filly, Hoplavie, sired by Hélios.

Ankti is a very cute, elegant and well balanced mare, with lovely movements and nice conformation. She is a very good mom and herd chieftain.

GMC Andrea's Ankti was called Andi by her breeders. She is named after Andrea Schaap, a long time American Curly advocate and past president of the ICHO. Andrea passed away the year that Ankti was born, in fact before her breeders realized they had this last "oopsie" foal (fence break) on the way. As Andrea had once told their daughter: "When I die I want to come back as one of your horses." they determined to name Ankti after her. Ankti is the Hopi word for "repeat dance", and soshe is Andrea's Repeat Dance.


Insy's picture

CSI C00594-00
ABC 2774; ICHO/NACHR 445-D

*Hilltop Buckaroo ABC 938 x *Shamrock Silver Dove ABC 2082

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / sport horse type

Barn name: INSY
Color: bay tobiano.
Date of birth: June 24, 2000.
Height: a short 15 hh (1m51).
Well trained under saddle (English and Western). Boss' favorite mount! Premium broodmare. Retired.

Insy is the great grand-daughter of Spartacus, a renowned stallion in the world of dressage. Spartacus is well known for passing his qualities to his offspring. She is quite elegant and has a strong personality, we call her our diva. Her gait is a little more refined than most Curlies. Insy is also the full sister of Sterling Silver, the very nice stallion of Sterling Curlies, in New Brunswick.

As is the case with most Curlies, she is very curious and cuddly, but she is also a sensitive horse and she needs a good seated, light handed, confident rider. With the right rider, she showes herself to be an attentive and keen student, but she still needs some work, especially on her patience!

Insy has a beautiful curly coat in winter and wonderful curls in her mane and tail that she keeps all year long.

Insy gave birth to a perfect pinto filly Sedna (by our buckskin tobiano stallion Nanza) in March 2006 and she had a gorgeous colt named Indigo (by Passion) late May 2007 (sorry, this baby was sold in utero!). In 2009, she had a very solid and pretty colt named Baabul, than the magnificient filly Hozalee in 2017. She is in foal for a 2019 last baby.

Insy is not ridden regularly and she will need some refreshment. She is a very special mare who need to be seduced. Once she gave her heart, she will do anything and more for her human.





*Namaspamoos Chandana Rose

ABCR and CSI eligible

*Adelita x *Chimo

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North American Curly Horse / sport horse type

Barn name: CHANDANA
Sex: mare
Color: wild bay sabino
Day of birth: May 25, 2007
Expecting Height: 15,1 HH
Available for breeding or for sale to the right heart

Chandana is cuddly, curious, playful and tender, she conquers all hearts... Like her mother Adelita (see below), whom she makes us think so much about, Chandana has a soft spot for children and she is attracted to Zen people or those with special needs. Sweet and elegant, when she was a baby, many of our visitors asked us why we did not call her "Bambi" because she looked so much like a baby deer! Chandana is very light under the saddle, very sensitive and pleasant to ride. More seriously, Chandana has all the necessary assets of a perfect sport horse, tenderness as a bonus! Chandana has spent the last ten years with her human heart who had to leave her to us for personal reasons.

Chandana is the proud mother of Helixir.





Adelita's Picture

CSI C00597-94
ABC 1854 & ICHO/NACHR 389-D
*Elko Nevada ABC 1447 x *Cypress Chinook ABC 213

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / versatile horse type

Barn name: ADELITA
Color: bay sabino rabicano
Date of birth: June 4, 1994
Height: 15,1 HH (1m55)
Status: Well trained under saddle. School and equitherapy favorite mount. Premium broodmare. Retired

Adelita is a very beautiful and sweet mare. Solidly built and almost cherry-colored rabicano and sabino with white on the top of her tail, Adelita has a striking physique. She possesses also the rabicano gene.

The colt she had with Sockeye, RR El Paso, looks very much like her and was used as the main stud by his breeder. He has since been sold and participates in endurance competitions after having proven himself in Alberta.

Adelita had a beautiful filly by Sockeye on June 2003. This is Namaspamoos Kaloo. On May 2004, Adelita has given birth to another wonderful filly whose name is Soukyna. Soukyna has inherited her dam's really nice qualities and Chimo added a plus with his refinement and classiness. Both these fillies were sold to the same wonderful family.

In March 2006, Adelita gave birth to an other magnificent filly, Zarah by our black stallion Passion who is registered with CSI as Breeding Improvement stock (meaning his bloodlines have value to improve Curly sport horse lines). This filly was quickly sold in utero.

Adelita had another filly from Chimo (so, Soukyna's full sibling) on May 2007. Her name is Chandana. In March 2009, Adelita produced the outstanding, gorgeous Adana. In 2010, she had an other perfect filly : Chaïma.

* * * * * *

Adelita is now retired from work and breeding. She lives with her friend Pimbina who is helping her raising Camino and Baabul to adulthood. She lives an happy life, receiving plenty of hugs and good care everyday. She welcomes visitors and provides love and "zen" to anyone who has the hapiness to meet her.


BB Harmony picture

CSI C00512-96 Premium Mare
ABC 2088 & ICHO/NACHR#1270-D

*BB Keynote x *Mariah

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / sport type : PREMIUM MARE

Barn Name: HARMONY
Colour: bay
DOB: 1996
Height: 15,3 HH (1m60)
Status : well trained (English) and Premium Broodmare.

Harmony is the perfect riding horse, no less than that ! She will take good care of her rider, regard less of his/her level. She will be sweet and gentle with kids and beginers, and she will give a lot of pleasure to a more advanced rider. She does almost every thing, from dressage to some jumping, and she is the best on trail, always willing to go where you ask her to. We love her a bunch and she is probably one of our favorite riding buddy ! Harmony, her name fits her so well !

Harmony had a gorgeous colt in 2009; his name is Namaspamoos Inouï de JAK and he is a Premium Standing Stud in France. In 2011, Harmony gave birth to the sweetest colt whose name is Chronos. She in foal by Chimo, due date is April 2014.



Moonlight Lady's Picture

CSI C00596-98
ABC 2521 & ICHO/NACHR 841-D

*Sockeye ABC 1169 x *Party Doll ABC 1655

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North American (Bashkir) Curly / sport horse type

Barn name: LADY
Color: bay brown
Date of birth: May 14, 1998
Height: 16,2 HH (1m68)
Status: broodmare (suspected homozygous for curls) and school/therapy mount. Well trained under saddle (both English and Western) and under harness.

Lady has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We miss so much this gentle giant! Rest in Peace sweet soul...

Lady is one of the tallest of purebred registered Curlies. She has the conformation of a typical sport horse. Short and muscular back, solid bones, powerful neck and jaunty gait, she will be just as comfortable in the dressage arena as she is on an obstacle course. She exudes power and sturdiness. But Lady also possesses the mental stability characteristic of Curlies and their striking curiosity! She is very curly with beautiful almond eyes and curved eyelashes which would be the envy of movie stars.

Lady is both saddle and harness trained. Under the saddle, her power and flexibility impress and delight the experienced rider; harnessed, the precision of her movements is bewitching.

Lady has been in half-boarding and two riders were training her regularly. Sadly, this has allowed us to find out that at her previous owner's, Lady had suffered a fracture at the point of the hock, an injury we were unaware of until now. So, since her competition career is seriously in doubt, she began a new life as a broodmare and she had her first foal (by Nanza ) on May 2007. Lady gave birth to Marama in May 2009 (sold in France).

In April 2014, she had a gorgeous colt named Eïtou, by Hélios.

Lady is in foal by Hélios for a July foal


The Austin Dun's photo


BLM 88543024 ABC 93½

Parents are wild mustangs!

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North American Curly Mustang (original type)

Barn name: AUGUSTINE
Color: red dun.
Date of birth: Spring 1988.
Height: 14,2 HH.
Status: broodmare and school horse.

Augustine has crossed the Rainbow Bridge at the venerable age of 30 years young. We miss her so much as used as we were to see her wandering loose all around the place, taking her nap on the lawn, ... Rest in Peace lovely soul.

Augustine was born in the range of Nevada (probably near the area of Austin) and she was "rounded" by the Bureau of Landing Management (BLM). According to her BLM papers, she is born in 1988.

We don't know all of the story of her personal journey, but for the last few years before we adopted her, she was a broodmare at Jondra Curly Acres (Northern Ontario), where she produced some of their best foals.

For now, she is a respected elder mare who is living with her buddies in our herd. She is also frequently free around the house, greeting visitors and taking good care of our back-yard lawn. She had one marvelous foal by Passion : Akilédou..




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