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Most people who are allergic to horses can tolerate Curlies with little or no allergic reaction - a dream come true for many!

Hypo- means, by definition, below normal. We claim that Curly Horses are Hypoallergenic. We do not, and can not, claim that Curly Horses are Non allergenic. In this case, the horse is less likely to cause a person who is allergic to horses to have an allergic response. That does not mean that the person will not have an allergy "attack", but that often the symptoms are less severe if they are present at all. We do not know exactly why this is so, and studies are on going. We think it may be because the Curly Horse's hair is different than a regular horse, and Dr Gus Coltrane's recent researches from University of Kentucky prove that the seborrhea proteins in the Curly horse skin are different.

If you are an allergy sufferer, what this means is that you should use every means to test the horse you may be considering purchasing by either an in-person visit, or at least, by asking for some of the hair to be sent to you. And do make sure that you keep your allergy medicine close at hand because sometimes there is a response due to having multiple allergies.

For people who are allergic to horses, they also do have to determine that it is only the horses themselves that they are allergic to, and not hay, straw, pollen, dust, manure, etc.- in these latter cases, the breed of horse wouldn't matter

To this day, we have, at Ranch Namaspamoos, a successful rate of 97% even with people who suffers from severe horse allergies. People who did react had a reaction to the saliva of the horse, which is easy to avoid the contact.


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Domaine du Ranch Namaspamoos
249, Route 221 Sud, Lacolle, Qc J0J 1J0. Canada. Tel: +1 450-246-4641

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